SEO Boost

If you have an existing recruitment site and you’re not quite ready to build a new one, we can take what you have and supercharge your recruiting search traffic with SEO Boost.

Here’s what we do:

  • Define your audience – Before we can get started on making any changes, we dig deep to find out what type of traffic you want coming to your recruitment site. Are you looking to attract more candidates, clients or both?
  • Analyze the landscape – By examining what your competitive recruiting firms are doing with their site and researching the keywords they’re targeting, we can help map out a strategy for stealing their traffic.
  • Improve on-page SEO – We analyze every page on your site to ensure that it is properly structured and contains the right keywords to attract the visitors you want.
  • Perform ongoing analysis – Once your site is set up, we will track your Google rankings on a monthly basis to see if the changes we’ve made have their intended effect.

Case Study: How To Grow Your Recruiting Business Through SEO

An in-depth, real-life look at how we helped one client grow her business using SEO. Includes actionable advice you can use!

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