Email Newsletters

Many recruiters think e-mail is old news but the reverse is actually true – newsletters are hot right now. They receive far less attention than the latest technology but that doesn’t mean they’re not an incredibly popular and powerful way for you to grow your business. An active and targeted newsletter can engage leads, current clients and past clients, ensuring that all parts of your sales funnel are receiving content tailed to their interests.

Talent Hero helps you

  • design a bold and beautiful newsletter template
  • segment your email list to ensure that people who receive it open and read it
  • A/B test headlines, the subject and sending time to maximize open and click rates
  • write content that engages and makes people want to learn more

Email Marketing For Recruiters: Using Your Existing List to Start a Kickass Newsletter

Why recruiters should use email marketing to engage candidates and clients and how they can use content curation to save time.

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