Blog Writing

Blog posts that show off your recruiting knowledge can be an instant credibility booster for your business. But there’s a problem – most people will not consistently publish their own blog posts.

Whether it’s because you’re not the world’s greatest writer or simply because you don’t have the time, you want to avoid having a stale blog that hasn’t been updated since 2017.

The Talent Hero Process

Our process works as follows:

  1. An interview with a member of the Talent Hero writer allows us to learn about your target audience and create a long-term editorial calendar.
  2. One month before the scheduled publication date of your post, a Talent Hero writer will interview you to better understand the topic.
  3. A Talent Hero writer will combine our interview notes plus supplemental research to write your blog post.
  4. After a thorough editing and review process, we will add it to your blog and share it across your social channels, ensuring maximum reach.

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