SEO for Recruiters

Recruiting and staffing agencies that succeed with SEO and rank highly in Google search results can generate a ton of new leads.

Just think about it for a minute. If you show up on the first page of Google for search queries that are relevant to your recruitment agency, you can have dozens of new leads checking out your website each day. It’s why recruitment SEO is one of the cornerstones of our lead generation strategy.

How does an SEO campaign work?

Every SEO campaign that Talent Hero builds for a recruiting agency consists of the following critical steps:

When an SEO campaign is executed properly, the new traffic that can be generated is staggering.

Jan Hudson on the impact of SEO on her business

"When we relaunched the [search optimized] site ... right away, we started seeing increased traffic. As the months have gone by, the traffic to our site has increased dramatically and that has translated to a number of new clients and some really good new business."

Jan Hudson


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