Talent Hero

We manage your email outreach so that you can focus on running your business

icon Target the right job openings

Talent Hero works with you to generate a list of target job titles and and locations so that we only contact companies who are hiring for your ideal roles

icon Perform an automated daily search

Talent Hero uses our custom built application and advanced AI technology to find open roles that match your target criteria

icon Conduct manual research

Talent Hero researches each company that has a target open role so that we can identify the hiring managers and HR reps to contact

icon Send a personalized email sequence

Talent Hero sends each target contact a series of personalized emails that have been tested and refined to maximize open and response rates

icon Respond to lead inquiries

You respond to the numerous inquiries that arrive in your inbox from the qualified leads who are interested in hiring you

Start with the best intentions

You compile a list of target companies that you want to contact so that you can help them hire for their open jobs

Get overwhelmed with new business

You get a flurry of new clients that need your help as soon as possible and decide to put your marketing efforts on the backburner

Re-start 30 days later

You decide to finally get back on track but only have time to send out 20 emails before your accountant calls to discuss your taxes

Respond to your single response

You get one response from your 20 emails but the person isn’t hiring right now and doesn’t want to be contacted by you again

Put your head in your hands and scream

You hate building your business entirely on your own and strongly regret that you didn’t outsource this process to Talent Hero

What our clients are saying about our done-for-you email marketing program

We've thought of everything to maximize the value you'll get from our program

Full contact list

The full contact list that we generate, including email addresses and phone numbers, is provided to you for use in any subsequent marketing campaigns at no additional charge.

Filter by company size

To avoid targeting clients that are too large to be approached through cold email, we can filter our target company list by number of employees.

Easy removal from list

If someone wants to be removed from the list, it is easy as forwarding the email where they have asked to be removed to our dedicated unsubscribe address.

Do not contact list

Existing clients can be added to a blacklist by name or company domain so that they are never accidentally contacted.

There is no commitment required. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel the service at the completion of any month

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