About Talent Hero

In a recent survey of our customers, we found that 85% of recruiters are unsatisfied with their website or online marketing efforts. If this is you, we can help.

Talent Hero combines our recruiting and staffing expertise with the latest insights in online marketing to help you find new clients and place more candidates.

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Why Talent Hero?

A company looking to re-design its website or market its business online has thousands of generalist agencies and freelancers from which to choose. Talent Hero is different. We understand staffing and recruiting inside and out. We know how to build industry-leading websites. We market your business in ways that other companies without our experience cannot possibly understand.

How Talent Hero can help grow your business

Growing a business in the staffing and recruiting industry is all about hustle. You bring in new placements by cold calling HR departments and staying on top of your competitors. You place applicants by scouring LinkedIn and tapping your professional network.

When you are constantly busy with your daily grind, it is easy to miss the number one opportunity to grow your business. Even in 2019, online channels are still significantly underutilized in the recruiting and staffing market. Only 12% of recruiting firms say they use them to their full potential but almost all of the leading firms engage their customers this way.

You want to make the time to branch out online, but just can’t because you don’t know where to start or where to get the most bang for your buck. By showing you how to do what your competitors are not, Talent Hero will help you find new clients and place more applicants with a strategically-crafted web presence that serves as a finely-tuned online marketing machine.

What Talent Hero does for you

  • Create beautiful, modern and professional websites that give new leads a great first impression.
  • Assist with search engine optimization and web presence management to increase the volume of prospects that discover your business through purely organic search.
  • Build online marketing campaigns that add to your existing sales pipeline while you continue to hustle for new leads.