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The Tools Recruiters Use – Recruiter Roundup

What software tools do top recruiters use to make their job easier?

To answer this question, we reached out to the top experts in the world of recruiting and asked them the following:

What are the top 3 applications or websites that make your job as a recruiter easier and why?

The tools with multiple mentions include ZoomInfo (3), Indeed (2), Hiretual (2) and SketchUp Keyboard Shortcuts.

If you’re a recruiter and you want to get on the list, send an email to [email protected] with your top 3 tools.

Chris Russell

Chris Russell

Snagit – It is screen capture software that allows me to easily capture a page and write comments on it. Useful for quickly sharing web pages with my team.

Email Extractor – A Chrome extension that automatically pulls email addresses from the page I am viewing.

Recruiting Headlines – They publish a daily recap of all the days recruiting news from industry sites and blogs. Keeps me up to date!

Website: RecTech Media
Twitter: @ChrisRussell

Irina Shamaeva

Irina Shamaeva

Social List – It’s a sourcing tool that searches the structured web. I use it every day.

Hunter.io – This is my go-to tool for finding email addresses.

An advanced Google Boolean search. You can also find some other tools I use here.

Website: Boolean Strings
Twitter: @braingain

Joe Burridge


Entelo – I’m such an advocate for this sourcing tool. I’ve tried a number of data aggregate sourcing tools but this one proves to be the best (in my opinion). So much so that we got rid of LinkedIn Recruiter (crazy, right?). Entelo constantly crawls the internet to build out candidate profiles that are easily searchable and you can see a candidate’s full online presence in one place. The tool also finds candidate emails and if Entelo can’t find an email through their web crawler, they have a manual team that will hunt down one for you.

Greenhouse – I have yet to find the perfect ATS, but Greenhouse is working really for us right now. Its key advantage is how intuitive it is for other people in the company to use it. For example, a hiring manager checking pipelines, interviewers submitting scorecards and an employee making a referral.

Slack – If you’ve used Slack, you know it’s awesome. It’s a simple yet highly effective communication tool and that’s what I need. Hudl is now nearly 800 employees across 14 countries; direct and quick contact to all these employees is key for hiring.

Website: Joe Blogs
Twitter: @JoeFindsTalent

Katrina Collier

Katrina Collier

To maximise the effectiveness of all of that sourcing, look at Hello Talent. It sits beautifully between the Internet and your ATS or CRM, and allows you to save links to profiles, add notes & tags, share profiles with hiring managers and so much more. When the same role pops up again, you simply run a search in Hello Talent first, and once they convert to an applicant, you move them into your ATS. Easy!

Want to save time? Then add Acuity Scheduling or a similar calendar scheduling tool into your routine. You can sync multiple diaries so you don’t need to be concerned if you have work ones and more general ones and it will save you hours going back and forth booking interviews. Plus, your inbox will thank you.

The new kid on the block, Candidate.ID is a unique talent pipeline software that delivers results. It ensures you know where someone is in the pipeline, be that at awareness, education or consideration stage, so you know where to focus your attention first. Give it a go. I’ve not seen anything else like it.

Website: The Searchologist
Twitter: @katrinamcollier

Lou Adler

Lou Adler

Without question, you can learn to be a complete recruiter by taking my course.

As long as you complete the course and learn how to get referrals, which you should be doing at least 50% of the time, you’ll get 5X the value you’re now getting from LinkedIn Recruiter. The reasons: 100% of the people will call you back and they’ll either be fully qualified or they’ll give you more referrals. You won’t connect with anyone who doesn’t meet one of these two conditions.

I’m getting more and more fond of Hiretual. This site does all of the Boolean searching for you for $1 per day. And it’s even better if you use achiever terms in your Boolean strings.

Website: The Adler Group
Twitter: @LouA

Matt Charney

Matt Charney

Textio – This tool allows you to cut and paste any job description or recruiting email and see how it will perform relative to other postings or messages, making real time suggestions to ensure your recruitment marketing stands out from the crowd – and outperforms the competition.

Spokeo – I don’t think you can legally use it for recruiting, but it’s pretty damn accurate when it comes to finding people’s contact information – particularly personal phone numbers and e-mail addresses – and a bunch of other useful stuff like where they live, how much they make and even who they’re related to. For under $10 a month, it’s still probably my favorite sourcing tool (and the price is right).

Assistant.to – There are probably a ton of tools that help with this, but Assistant.to automates scheduling directly from your GMail, suggesting times and enabling you to create calendar invites with anyone in the world without doing any real work other than cutting and pasting some times in an email. It saves me dozens of hours a month, and it’s totally free. It rocks.

Website: Recruiting Daily
Twitter: @mattcharney

David Perry

David Perry

ZoomInfo for every executive I want to recruit who isn’t looking and doesn’t have a social profile.

LinkedIn for everyone who wants to be found.

The Starbucks App because getting people out for a coffee is the easiest way to get face-to-face and I can order ahead with it so there’s no wasted time.

Website: Perry-Martel International Inc.

Jeremy Sisemore

Jeremy Sisemore

Here are my top three resources that many firms may not be using. I’ll skip LinkedIn as it is just too obvious an answer.

PCRecruiter is our ATS. We’re very happy with this fully integrated and modern ATS. It’s cloud-based and very intuitive. The support is great and it’s reasonably priced. It’s also social media optimized so we can press one button to import an entire LinkedIn profile (using a Google Chrome Extension). It also has a slick mobile app to help the recruiter on the go.

ZoomInfo is our go-to source to get someone’s name, title, phone number and email addresses or break down an organizational chart at any company we are targeting for candidates or clients. We use it for both recruiting and business development. It’s way cheaper than a LinkedIn Recruiter Pro license and allows us the same capability to find people’s contact information. The quality of the content is very good and it usually has direct phone number to most director, VP, and C-suite people we’re trying to contact along with a business email address.

Not only do we have a monthly budget with Indeed for our top five to seven jobs, we utilize Indeed.com to find resumes. When we want to communicate with the person, we simply use ZoomInfo to find their work phone number and email address.

Website: ASAP Talent Services
Twitter: @SAPheadhunter

Martin Lee

Martin Lee

Google – Sourcing is about opening one door to find others to open. Google is the front door.

LinkedIn – Even with top licenses, most people search in very similar ways and uncover a tiny percentage of what’s in there. It’s still the number one professional site.

Facebook – I interact and learn more on Facebook than on any other site. It’s undeniably a place to source from now.

Website: Sourcing Certification
Twitter: @mrmartinlee

Dean Da Costa

Dean Da Costa

Loxo is a great ATS/CRM that also allows for sourcing, contact finding and more. It has an AI that works well and brings you targeted results.

Find Emails is a tool that can find individual or bulk work emails for candidates with minimum info.

True People Search is a site that can find info on nearly anyone.

Hiretual is a complete sourcing solution that provides you with analytics such as salary, skill breakdown and ranking, contact info and if someone is for a job looking. It also searches multiple sites, has an AI that allows you to search and come back. It also has a Chrome extension so you can work from the extension or the Hiretual Workspace.

Email Qualifier – This tool allows you to grab emails and match them automatically to social sites. It also allows you to validate emails in the same manner and download the results.

DataMiner – This is a scraping tool that is as simple as it gets, and allows you to scrape info from sites, lists, Google searches and download that info into a CSV that can be loaded into Hiretual, where that info is enhanced with even more data like email address, phone number, salary and skills.

Website: The Search Authority
Twitter: @Deandacosta

Andy Miller

Andy Miller

LinkedIn is clearly is the most dominant tool for recruiters. We use it to help source people for opportunities and to find out who the right person is to market to when looking for business.

Indeed.com is a really helpful tool for prospecting and gathering market intelligence.

Hoovers is a good source to know what companies do, how they are categorized and to find lists of competitors.

Website: BrainWorks
Twitter: @BrainWorks

Rich Bradley

Rich Bradley

ZoomInfo helps me get either the phone number or at least the email address of people that I find in LinkedIn or other searches.

Lusha, a Google Chrome extension, is a great tool that I use that help me get either the person’s email address or phone number.

Website: Team Bradley
Twitter: @teambradley


Zack Gallinger


Zack Gallinger is the founder of Talent Hero Media, a digital marketing agency that specializes in finding new clients and candidates for recruiting agencies. He attended the University of Toronto - Rotman School of Management, where he received his MBA. In his free time, he enjoys rock climbing and spending time with his (very large) family.