The Top Professional Associations For Recruiters

Even though the barriers to entry for the recruiting industry are low, getting started as a recruiter can be challenging. There is no university degree in recruiting and if you want to simply dive in headfirst, navigating all of the challenges of a new industry can be difficult.

That’s why professional associations can be a huge help. A good organization can provide certified training courses, legal and legislative guidance, model documents and best practice templates, annual conferences, and discounts with preferred suppliers. In short, they can give you all of the resources you need to succeed.

The list below contains the top professional associations for recruiters. The country and focus of each organization should help you find the right fit.

Recruitment and Employment Confederation

Country: United Kingdom
Focus: Professional recruiters
Founded: Result of a merger of the FRES and IEC in 2000
Members: 3,000+ recruitment businesses and 9,000+ individual recruiters

  • Annual Talent Recruitment & Employment Conference
  • Frequent sector meetings and webinars throughout England


  • Monthly reports
  • Sector-focused account managers
  • Insurance scheme

Fees: Member fees are based on agency turnover.

American Staffing Association

Country: United States
Focus: Staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions industry

  • 1966 – Founded as the Institute of Temporary Services
  • 1999 – Changed name to American Staffing Association

Members: 1,800

  • Annual Staffing World and Staffing Law conferences
  • ASA regional council and affiliated chapter events
  • Variety of webinars on staffing industry and business topics


  • Wide variety of legal and legislative, research, professional development, and marketing resources
  • Multiple publications including Staffing Success magazine, Staffing Today newsletter, Staffing Law Digest, and ASA for You newsletter
  • ASA Central private online networking community

Fees: Complex dues schedule based on gross sales available here.

Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada

Country: Canada
Focus: Professional recruiters
Founded: 1984
Members: 1,200 members in local and regional chapters
Meetings: Annual full day conferences in various cities across Canada
Benefits: Subscription to the IPM Association’s Members Quarterly Newsletters and Workplace Today Online
Fees: $175 + tax per year

Association of Professional Staffing Companies

Country: United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, Australia
Focus: Professional recruiters

  • 1999 – Founded as The Association of Technology Staffing Companies
  • 2009 – Focus changed to all professional recruiters and re-named The Association of Professional Staffing Companies

Members: 650+
Meetings: Over 90 member events each year (most are held in London)

  • Dedicated legal helpline
  • Market intelligence research reports on various sectors
  • Model documents and best practice templates
  • Professional development training courses

Fees: Fees based on annual turnover. See full details here.

Institute of Recruiters

Country: United Kingdom
Focus: Professional body for HR, agency & in-house recruiters
Founded: 2010
Members: 450 companies, 3000 individuals
Meetings: Multiple events covering all aspects of training and recruitment

  • Review of your service provider costs with member discounts available
  • Exclusive job board rates with Reed, Jobsite & CV Library
  • Model terms of business, template documents, contracts, agreements and resources
  • Legal helpline for all your employment law related queries
  • VIP event invitations to our events & networking meetings
  • Free subscription to The Recruiting Times Magazine


  • Individual – £49 + VAT
  • Corporate – Starting at £595 + VAT


National Association of Personnel Services

Country: United States and Canada
Focus: Recruiters and recruitment firms across all industries
Founded: 1961
Members: 200+ firm memberships and 200+ individual memberships

  • Annual conference
  • Monthly webinars


  • Subscription to Monthly NAPS Newsletter, Quarterly Credential Newsletter and Quarterly ITR Economic Research Newsletter and Quarterly Legal Newsletter
  • Allied vendor discounts
  • Ask the Experts forum
  • Discounts to local and state association meetings
  • Affinity programs such as E&O insurance and office supplies

Fees: Prices range from $240 to $1200 per year. Details are available here.

Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals

Country: United States
Focus: All talent acquisition professionals
Founded: 2016
Members: 200 as of May 5, 2017
Meetings: Webinars and facilitating Body of Knowledge Working Sessions at established conferences (such as ERE, SourceCon and SRSC in Fall 2017)


  • Ability to participate on body of knowledge and advocacy working committees
  • Access to member exclusive content and networking opportunities


  • $95/year (individual member)
  • $500 one time payment + $95/year (charter member)
  • $1500 one time payment (charter member)
  • Charter memberships are only available until September 30, 2017


American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment

Country: United States
Focus: Recruitment and staffing of foreign-educated healthcare professionals for employment with U.S. healthcare organizations
Founded: 2006
Members: 20
Meetings: Annual member meeting
Benefits: Membership in AAIHR provides member organization with representation to regulatory organizations, credibility with customers, and a forum for learning and professional development opportunities
Fees: $3,000 – $6,000 per year. See Dues page for details.